Now you can have the perfect picture to match your message—quickly and easily, without any hassle. Create high-quality, original visuals that will make your content stand out with JASPER ART

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The Best AI Writing Tool is Now an Artist

Jasper now integrates the Dall-E2 algorithm from OpenAI, which allows you to create amazing images from textual descriptions. All you need is to input a prompt and Jasper will do the rest to create digital art. The output can be so impressive that you might want to frame and hang it on your wall!

Not only does Jasper Art make it easy for content marketers to find relevant and unique images for their blog posts, web content social media posts, but it also helps boost ad conversions by making ad copy more eye-catching. And since Jasper Art is built on the same platform as the existing content creation AI writing tool, users can simply access the feature from their Jasper AI Boss Mode account.

Jasper Art is designed for content writers, bloggers, and social media users who need stunning art to accompany their text. It is also a great tool for business owners who want to create original advertising copy. Jasper Art's artificial intelligence capabilities allow users to create plagiarism-free unique images with ease. With this AI-powered tool, you can quickly and easily create beautiful visuals that will grab attention and help convey your message. So don't wait – sign up for the early access waitlist today!

🗣️🤖 (See below for tips on how to jump the queue and get started sooner with the software) 🗣️🤖

Here's How to Use Jasper Art

With its easy-to-use interface, you can simply describe what vision you have and watch Jasper create it instantly. So if you're looking for a way to easily and quickly create stunning visuals to accompany your text, look no further!

Start with an image description

For example, a pirate fighting a skeleton over a chest of gold.

Simply type the prompt into the box

You can also specify the art style, such as 'photorealistic' or 'cartoon'.

Click Create!

In about 10 seconds, you'll be given 3-4 original pieces of art to choose from.

Select the one you like best and download it! It's that easy.

Advanced: Use the dropdown menus to influence the direction of the generation with Style, Medium, Artists, Mood, and Keyword settings.

How can The Jasper Whisperer help me?

Of course, this site wouldn't be called The Jasper Whisperer if we didn't give you some gold nuggets on how to use this tool like a boss. So here are some tips to get the most out of Jasper Art:

  1. When you create text content with Jasper AI, the more specific you are, the better. Jasper Art is the opposite. You want to leave room for interpretation so that the AI can create something unique.

  2. You can also include adjectives to describe the mood or feeling you want your image to convey. For example, "a blue pirate fighting a skeleton over a chest of gold in a dark and stormy night."

  3. Experiment with different prompts to see what you can get. Let your imagination run wild!

  4. Be as creative as possible! Go long with your descriptions and see what Jasper Art can create.

  5. If you're stuck, try looking at existing art for inspiration. What kind of art grabs your attention?

I've included a Cheat Sheet on the Advanced Features for those who want to become experts. As always, The Jasper Whisperer can help you take your content creation skills to the next level. Learn how to use Jasper Art like a Picasso or Rembrandt by reserving one of our private training sessions.

I'll guide you on how to control the image generation with improved prompts and industry tips.

Why use Jasper Art?

Because it's fast, affordable, and fun! Stop hunting for mediocre images on free sites. Stop paying for expensive subscriptions for boring stock images on sites like Shutterstock and Getty Images. Stop waiting for illustrators to get back to you. Or giving up and trying to photoshop something yourself - only to get frustrated with the disappointing results.

Start making stunning visuals instead with Jasper Art today! Generate high-quality, custom images that are:

  • Stunning and eye-catching

  • Relevant to your message

  • Plagiarism-free

If you're a video creator, you can easily create unique thumbnails that will get you noticed. And if you're a content marketer, you can use Jasper Art to support blog and social media posts. Business owner? Boost your ad conversion rates and stand out from the crowd. Author? Illustrate your book and attract readers. Video producer? Storyboarding has never been easier. Bring your vision to life with Jasper Art.

Create custom visuals specifically designed to match your message perfectly - all with just a few clicks.

Not only will you save time, but you'll also boost your Ad conversions, website traffic, and engagement. You can use Jasper's images on any platform - from your website content and blog to your social media channels. Never worry about royalties licence fees or attribution again!

Dang, this robot is making everyone's day! If only we could all have a little extra cash like this!

How Does Jasper Art Work?

DALL-E 2 is an algorithm that takes textual concepts and turns them into corresponding images. This makes it a powerful tool for content creators who need stunning visuals to accompany their text.

The DALL-E 2 process is made up of 3 steps:

  1. First, the text input is encoded to plot it out onto representational space (using CLIP)

  2. Second (or simultaneously) the encoded text is compared to a semantically similar image

  3. Third, these two maps are combined or interpolated to randomly generate an original image

The result is something entirely new that contains the meaning conveyed in the inputted text, while still being consistent with what we know about the visual information of the world, i.e. it looks like an image.

DALL-E 2 uses a pre-trained model called CLIP (Contrastive Language-Image Pre-training) to encode the text. CLIP is trained on hundreds of millions of images and their associated captions, learning how much a given text snippet relates to an image. This allows DALL-E 2 to learn semantics from natural language.

Use Jasper Art to Bring Your Words to Life

What this means is that how you express your ideas matters more than ever before. DALL-E 2 creates images based on the text it is given, so the better you describe something, the better image DALL-E 2 will generate. A picture is worth 1000 words with coaching and advice from The Jasper Whisperer.

How to Skip the Waitlist for Jasper Art

If you're one of the lucky Jasper users with advanced access, you're in good company. I'm confident your creativity is flourishing with all the new tools at your disposal! But if you're wondering how to speed up your own access to Jasper Art, here's what you need to know to get a jumpstart on the competition.

The rollout is based on pricing plans. If you have a Jasper account on the monthly plan or annual plan, you're in good shape. Head on over to the waitlist page (find it on the main login), fill in the form and opt-in. You'll be assigned a number with your place, and get an email when it's your turn to be let in.

  1. Annual plan holders have first priority

  2. Monthly plan subscribers are next

  3. Starter plan will have to wait longer

"I'm not happy with my place on the Jasper Art waitlist"

If you're not on an annual plan yet, don't worry. You can still get ahead of the crowd. Now is a good time to upgrade your subscription inside the billing settings. This will let you get access sooner. If you're hesitating, know this: early adopters only pay $20 per month for unlimited image generation. But this temporary pricing won't last! Take advantage now and build up a personal stockpile of custom images.

"I don't have a Jasper AI account yet"

If you don't have a Jasper account, great! Sign up for the free trial. You get a feel for how it works and explore its best features before you commit to anything. Once you're ready, upgrade your subscription from inside the app. If you upgrade to the annual plan you can still jump the queue, even if you're new!

I partner with Jasper to offer you a 5-Day trial of Jasper with 10,000 words free. Use it to create copy, Google Ads, write a blog post, articles, social media content, product descriptions and more —for free! Jasper AI will help you create original content, fast. If you're not sure how to produce copy with an AI writer, you're in the right place! The Jasper Whisperer will give you all the tips and tricks you need.

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