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Training You How to Use JASPER AI to Write Content, Better and Faster

Jasper is an AI-powered copywriting platform used to create high-quality, attention-grabbing copy in minutes. It's the perfect tool for bloggers, content marketers, and entrepreneurs who need to create great copy, fast.

Use Jasper to write your next long-form blog post, a catchy headline, or a trending social media post. Write content that will make your readers want to try Jasper AI out for themselves—if they only knew your secret!

Do you want to learn how to use Jasper AI?

Are you looking to get the most out of Jasper AI? The Jasper Whisperer can help you do just that!

Businesses, freelancers, marketers, and writers can all benefit from one-on-one training sessions with the expert. Learn how to use this powerful AI copywriting tool to create blog posts, write long-form content, and generate high-quality copy in less time. Improve your workflow with my custom recipes.

Get the Best Jasper Commands from an Expert Trainer

Jim the Jasper Whisperer is certified in Jasper AI. He has years of industry and tutoring experience, and now trains other professionals to succeed with digital and AI tools. He'll help you learn at your own pace. Jim makes sure you understand everything you need to know to achieve the top results with Jasper AI.

Learning Jasper AI was never easier

As an experienced copywriter, Jim has a deep understanding of how to get the most from Jasper AI and can share best practices and tips with you, as well as "Jasper recipes" written for your online business.

Whether you're a complete beginner or have experience with Jasper, the Whisperer can help take your content skills to the next level. Schedule a session today and discover what Jasper AI can do for you!

Meet Jim the Jasper Whisperer

Jim has two decades of experience in the marketing and content creation industries, and has a post-graduate degree in Media and Communications. Jim is fully certified in Jasper, and is recognised as a Group Expert in AI writing tools by the Jasper team.

Jim loves to teach companies, freelancers, and writers how to get the most out of Jasper AI — his favourite writing tool. When he's not working or teaching, Jim likes to relax by reading books about history and science.

Jim contributed a Jasper recipe to the official handbook, on Tone of Voice (how to get Jasper AI to sound more personal and write like you). Jim even came up with the company's favourite term: Jaspernauts.

(it's what we call the community of Jasper users—soon to be you, too!)

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Why learn Jasper AI with The Whisperer?

Trying to master Jasper AI on your own can be overwhelming and time-consuming. There's a steep learning curve, and many newbies waste their 5-day Free Trial just trying to figure out the basics. Some give up and miss out. With The Jasper Whisperer on your side, you'll get personal attention and support.

Also, the Jasper AI team is always rolling out new features. It can be hard to keep up with everything that's new, and you may not even know about some of the features that could be most helpful to you.

That's where a dedicated Jasper AI trainer comes in!

Benefits of Professional Coaching

• Get up and running quickly with Jasper AI.

• Learn everything, or just the tools you need.

• Tailored advice for your online business needs.

• Benefit from Jim's experience using Jasper.

• Train for your own official Jasper Certification.

• Save time and get better results with your AI writing.

• Discover the best practices, secrets, and tips from a pro.

What does Jasper AI do? How does it work?

Jasper AI uses GPT-3 technology developed by OpenAI to interpret human input and generate text via Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning. What's NLP? Simply put, NLP means that you can give the input in plain English (or 24 other languages, using the inbuilt DeepL translator).

You give the instructions. No programming is required. You specify the tone, style, and format, and the AI will adjust its output accordingly. You can give Jasper a content brief like you would to a staff writer.

Jasper's text is indistinguishable from human writing. The content is not robotic. With skill and training, users can produce content that looks and sounds as good—or better than—a professional copywriter's. You can even set the parameters to your own unique style of writing, so Jasper will write more like you!

Austin Distel reading Richard Branson article

Find your ideal voice with Jasper "Mimic"

The Jasper Whisperer specializes in matching Jasper's output to your voice. Or pick a popular influencer or industry leader who you'd like to sound like.

Imagine hiring Elon Musk, Tony Robbins, or Richard Branson as your personal copywriter.

Whatever Tone of Voice you choose, Jasper helps you speak to your audience.

Can I write blog posts using Jasper AI?

Yes, and almost anything else you need. Tired of looking at a blank page? End writer's block. Writing content is easy. At the press of a button, watch Jasper write creative copy as fast as you can read it.

Consider Jasper a friend or writing partner. Rely on it as much or as little as you like. Use the Content Improver Template to refine existing content, or ask Jasper to create long-form content from scratch.

Use Jasper AI to create content including:

• Blog posts

• Social media posts

• Email campaigns

• Marketing copy

• Landing pages

• Write ad copy

• Educational blog articles

• Video scripts and video tutorials

Jasper does everything. Want to create SEO-friendly content? Combine Jasper with Surfer SEO (fully integrated) to get real-time feedback on what to write—and where to place it for maximum impact.

How Do I Write With Jasper AI?

Just enter the topic you want to write about in the Jasper editor (it looks like Google Docs). The AI will produce fresh, relevant content for you. The quality of this content depends on the input you provide.

The more specific and detailed you are about what you want, the better the output will be. It's a skill.

There are three main ways to generate text. You can use Templates, Recipes, or a Jasper Command.

What are Jasper Templates?

Jasper's templates are a quick and easy way to create high-quality content.

Templates are highly modular structures that you can use to generate all kinds of content, and pre-designed to be highly effective. They cover a wide range of use cases, so you're sure to find one that's perfect for your needs.

To use a template, simply select it from the list of available options and fill in the blanks. Jasper will do the rest, and give you multiple outputs to choose from. Once you're satisfied, you can share your new content with the world!

Jasper Commands in Boss Mode

A "command" is a specific instruction that you can give your Jasper AI to do something for you. This is particularly useful for creating long-form content. For example, you could tell Jasper AI to "write a blog post intro paragraph on the topic of content marketing". Recipes are made of Jasper Commands.

Each command has a specific purpose, and you can use them to get Jasper AI to generate different outputs. The most popular Jasper commands include:

• Write a blog post outline about {topic}

• Create a social media post for {audience}

• Generate blog post topic ideas on {topic}

• Write an intro paragraph about {product}

By using Boss Mode Commands, you can make your Jasper AI do all sorts of things that will help make your life easier—and your writing more efficient!

What are Jasper Recipes?

A "recipe" is a readymade set of commands designed to complete a writing task using AI software. With recipes, you don't have to worry about all the underlying details and what command to use. In short, Jasper AI recipes provide a fast and easy way to get started by replicating a proven method.

Recipes can be created by anyone, and many are shared in a community repository so that they can be reused by other Jaspernauts. One of the benefits of working with the Jasper Whisperer is that Jim can write exclusive recipes for your business that take into account your specific content needs.

Connect Jasper with Surfer SEO

Jasper offers compatibility with Surfer SEO, making it the perfect combo for writing keyword-rich content. (Jim is also certified in Surfer SEO). Just switch on SEO mode to get an instant analysis of your text as it generates, and start satisfying those search engines. See how to make your content rank higher!

Outranking the competition has never been easier. Use Jasper to your advantage. Optimize your web content to attract, engage, and convert.

Is the content original? Does Jasper AI plagiarize?

There's little need to worry about plagiarism. Unlike lesser AI content generation tools, Jasper is not a data scraper. The content is procedurally generated, which means it should be original to the moment.

It's a great tool for anyone who needs to generate content quickly and easily, without worrying about plagiarism or the language barrier. Jasper also has an inbuilt plagiarism checker so you can confirm it's unique before you hit publish.

How much does Jasper AI cost?

Jasper AI offers a range of pricing plans - starting at $29/m for Starter, through to Boss Mode at $59/m to $600/m. It depends on word usage, and whether you're a hobbyist, a blogging business, or a large-scale corporation. There are custom plans for the latter. I am happy to negotiate a deal on your behalf.

Starter vs Boss Mode Plan

The main difference between Starter and Boss Mode is that Starter only has access to the Templates, whereas Boss Mode allows you to use the Jasper long form content assistant (and all the Templates).

Starter Mode can be useful for short copy, like:

• Product descriptions

• A blog post outline

• Meta descriptions

• Intro paragraph

• A blog post title

Real estate listings

But if you're serious about content creation, you're going to want Boss Mode. You'll need Boss Mode for Recipes, Commands, and for editing large documents such as webpage content or a blog post workflow.

Is Jasper AI worth the price?

Yes, but it's important to understand how AI copywriting tools work first so you can get the most value. That's why you need a coach. Some beginners don't grasp the potential or see the returns right away.

Once you realise you're getting a copywriter, proofreader, editor, co-author, translator and SEO expert all rolled into one, the real question becomes, "How could I afford not to use an AI writing assistant?"

Can I use Jasper AI for free?

Yes! You can sign up for a free trial of Jasper AI.

I've partnered with Jasper to offer 5 Days and 10,000 words.

After you create your account, you'll be able to start using the platform to create content. I advise that you attend the Jasper Bootcamp, or Book a Whisper with me. You've got 5 days free—use them wisely.


Satisfied Clients Learning Jasper AI

"Jim was amazing to work with, and his knowledge and expertise were incredibly valuable in helping us learn how the AI software works and how it can be used to benefit our clients. Our team is so grateful to have found out about Jim and the Jasper software!"

Director of Client Services,

"Jim is the real deal! There's only one word to describe our session: Epic! Thank you for your servant leadership, joy, and brilliance! You are a true Ally and Disruptive Partner for Good!"

Anashay Wright, Founder and Chief Executive Disruptor,

"Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with me. It was incredibly helpful to have someone who truly knows the ins and outs of Jasper walk me through the process. You shared insights that I couldn't have gotten from online tutorials, webinars, or a knowledge base, and you also made it fun. Although I came into the session with some level of experience with Jasper, I came out with a much deeper understanding of what it takes to make him work well, including insider tips and tricks necessary to generate higher volumes of content, and quality content, for my clients. 

Exactly the type of help I was looking for. Worth every penny!"

Heidi Tolliver-Walker, Feature writer and content creator (20+ years experience)

"Jim thank you so much for the Jasper tutorial you provided, it was very informative. Thanks for the tips, it has increased my post output."

Ngozi D., Copywriter and Entrepreneur

"Jim is the best tutor for Jasper users! He quickly helped me overcome my hesitancy to use Jasper, provided me with great tips and hints and showed me ways that Jasper could do what I wanted – and more. He’s a delight to work with, exceedingly patient and has a great sense of humor. I’d recommend him to anyone who wants to quickly learn the ins and outs of Jasper. I am grateful to Jim for his help, and I know that I would not have made the progress that I did without him."

Susan T., #1 Bestselling Author in Business Marketing Strategy on Amazon

"Jim first ascertained exactly what it was that I wanted to accomplish and then provided tailored tips, information, and tutorials to meet my specific needs. I felt 100% comfortable asking questions. He's so personable and patient and an absolute Jasper subject matter expert! It's an investment that will come back manifold."

Charlotte K., Educator & Online Business Founder

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